September 28, 2022
Does Technology Is Effective in the Classroom?

Does Technology Is Effective in the Classroom?

It is controversial when it comes to using technology in the classroom. Although many teachers and students believe it is best to use technology to enhance teaching, many others think it is a waste of time and poses too many challenges. What makes some students dislike technology in the classroom if it is as efficient and effective as many teachers believe it to be in the classroom?. Here we will tell you that Does Technology Is Effective in the Classroom?

Does Technology Is Effective in the Classroom?
Does Technology Is Effective in the Classroom?

A review of three relevant articles provided an objective answer to this question. There are two of the three stories that describe how students are frustrated by how technology is being used in class, while there is one that expresses students’ satisfaction on how technology is being used. So, the problem is not that technology does not work, but rather that it should be used appropriately by some teachers and that others should be trained on how to do so so students are not opposed to using technology to learn, but rather to enhance it.

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By summarizing the three articles that have been reviewed, we can demonstrate that there are two kinds of students who dislike technology, those who have not had enough time to become acquainted with it and those who are improperly exposed to it by their teacher. If teachers used technology efficiently in the classroom, we can infer that these students would appreciate its value as well. Before we review these articles, let me summarize them.

In an article entitled “When good technology means bad teaching”, the author discusses how students feel that teachers use technology as a way to show off. Students complain that using technology makes their teacher “less effective than if they stick to lectures at the chalkboard” (Young). Other problems related by students pertain to teachers wasting class time talking about web tools or faffing with projectors or software.

The technology software that students use most according to students is PowerPoint. Teachers may waste more time trying to use these tools when they are unfamiliar with them. The students complain that the tools are substituted for lesson plans. “(Young) I call it PowerPoint abuse” (Many students explain it makes understanding difficult). Students are also encouraged to miss more classes when professors post their PowerPoint presentations on the school board to be viewed before and after class.

In the article, it was also reported that many schools spend time training staff members about how to use a specific technology but not on how to use it effectively (Young). The writer urged schools to give teachers and professors small monetary incentives so they will attend workshops (Yong).

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