How To Develop Iphone Apps

learn about How To Develop Iphone Apps

There are apps for both iPhones and iPads in Apple’s app store and other products from the company. There are millions of Apple devices in use, and their users continue to demand a growing number of Apps. The users require apps for everything from gaming, entertainment, news, and social networks to even basic tasks like email. One can also learn about How To Develop Iphone Apps.

learn about How To Develop Iphone Apps

iPhone and iPad apps

Firstly, both of these devices use the same operating system. Therefore, mac developed can also use any app developed for one iPhone and the other.

To the extent that app development is concerned, they are essentially the same device, except for differences in screen size and other factors, such as keyboard size.

Although the keyboard on the iPhone is more significant than a result, when designing an application, it’s essential to consider both the GUI and the UI.should be kept in mind.

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Software Development Kit for iPhones

As of June 2010, the original iPhone SDK is iOS SDK, since Apple renamed the iPhone OS to iOS. The SDK releases on 3 March 2011 with version 4.3.

Developers can develop apps for the iPhone using C, Objective C, C++, and JavaScrSince only the first three languages can link to documented APIs; these are the ones you will use to write the more complicated apps.

Among the SDK’s core components are:

This is a user interface library for touch, accelerometer, camera, etc.

The audio, visual, and other media supported include audio mixing, OpenGL, different image file formats, and video playback.

A core service is a set of the most basic services that make up the iOS universe, such as networking, threading, a SQL database using SQLite, and so on.

• OS X Kernel Services This provides support for the OS level services, such as file system, power management, and TCP/IP development. The FiOS is dependent on Mac OS, is derived from Unix.

Apple charges third-party developers a fee called the iPhone Developer Free Program, which costs $99 per app once they create an app and wish to sell it on the App Store. App development for iPhones is a multi-billion dollar industry, with more than 10 billion apps sold by January 2011 alone. Since the SDK is free to download there are many tutorials on developing iPhone apps online, the possibilities are endless.

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