September 28, 2022
How to do a reverse image search on your phone

How to do a reverse image search on your phone

A search for images related to a term you typed is known as an Image Search. It is a great feature offered by most search engines. Does the question now become how you can learn about the origin of an image? What about finding similar photos? That is what reverse image searching is about. Learn How to do a reverse image search on your phone.

How to do a reverse image search on your phone
How to do a reverse image search on your phone

A desktop computer is the best way to perform a reverse image search with Google. You can either copy an image URL you found online, upload an image from your hard drive, or drag a picture from another window to

You can reverse image search from a mobile device, but what if you’re on a mobile device? Your options are limited.

Search Google from a mobile device.

Google indeed built reverse image search into mobile phones and tablets, but it is limited.

You won’t see the camera icon in the search box when you open on a mobile device. It is necessary to download the desktop version to your mobile device. The UI works in Safari, but it’s most responsive in the Chrome browser app (iOS and Android).

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Choose Request Desktop Website from the aA icon at the top left of Safari. Select Request Desktop Site from the menu when you tap the three-dot menu in Chrome. Both browsers will see Google Images with the camera icon on both browsers. Click on your camera roll to upload photos.

In some cases, Chrome also provides a workaround for reverse image searches. Your browser will display a pop-up menu when you hold your finger on the image you want to search; click Search Google for This Image at the bottom. The Google app or any other browser will NOT work with this (not even Safari). Chrome is the only browser compatible with it.

Alternatively, you can choose to open images in a new tab if this doesn’t work. Paste the path on after you copy the URL. Once you have selected one of these methods, reverse image search results appear. To see only the results, you may need to click More sizes. There are options for narrowing your search, such as looking for animated GIFs, clipart equivalents, or looking for images using specific color schemes.

Google Lens

It also allows you to perform reverse image searches. On iOS and Android, Lens is included in Google Photos, Google Photos Stream, and Google Assistant. Although Lens can help you find source images, it is primarily designed to help you do other things like instantly translate, identify something, or locate products to buy rather than find source images.

Click the camera icon on Bing’s mobile browser or the Bing app to perform reverse image searches. Microsoft’s Bing also does reverse image searches but calls it “visual search.” If you want to use a reverse image search, you have to grant Bing access to your camera; you can either accept or decline access by tapping it.

Click the Browse button in the bottom left corner of the next screen. You can take a picture, look through your photo library, or browse third-party services through a pop-up menu. You can browse through photos stored in third-party services like iCloud Drive, Google Drive, and Dropbox on the Browse screen.

You can take a photo and immediately search it on the Bing app (iOS or Android). You can upload an image or scan a QR code, and you can also point your camera at text or math problems (cheaters)!).

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