How to switch languages using the Android Gboard keyboard

How to switch languages using the Android Gboard keyboard

Using an Android device to learn a new language? There may be situations in which you need to install a new keyboard on your device if the language uses a different alphabet or employs accents that you are not familiar with. Learn How to switch languages using the Android Gboard keyboard.

How to switch languages using the Android Gboard keyboard
How to switch languages using the Android Gboard keyboard

Thanks to Google’s standard Gboard keyboard, a huge selection of language-specific keyboards is available. As of the last count, it provided keyboards for over 500 different languages and 40 different writing systems. You already have US English set up if you have already installed Gboard in the US. There is no problem adding one or more new keyboards and changing languages in seconds. Listed below are instructions on installing and using the different languages.

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To begin, go to the “Languages” section.

  • You can bring up the keyboard by opening an app such as email or chat and tapping on an area where you can type.
  • Press the gear icon (just above the keyboard) to access the settings. For the toolbar, click on the arrow on the left just above the keyboard if it doesn’t appear.

There is also an option to select the language in the main settings menu of your Android device. Here are the settings:

  • Click on “System.”
  • Click on “Languages & input” > “On-screen keyboard” > “Gboard” > “Languages.”

When you reach the “Languages” page, add a language as follows:

  • Go to the bottom of the page and tap “Add keyboard.”
  • Select the language that you wish to add to the list. Using the search icon on the right of the screen might help reduce your time spent looking for the language you want. If you’ve been using a language-learning or any language-related app recently, it may already be on top under “Suggested languages.”
  • The type of keyboard that appears on top of the screen may differ according to the language. You may have options, such as selecting QWERTY or Dvorak keyboards or setting handwriting options.) Your first suggestion will likely be the most, but you can display other suggestions by swiping across. The “Multilingual typing” option begins on the same page, under “Language settings.” With it, you can choose to receive suggestions in different languages while you type. 
  • The new language will appear in the “Languages” list once you tap “Done.” Click the left arrow on the top left of the page to exit.

There is now a language name labeled on the space bar for the keyboard. There will now be an emoji icon to the left of the keyboard rather than an abbreviation of both language names. (If you have enabled multilingual typing, you will see abbreviations of both languages.).

Touch the globe to switch keyboards; the next keyboard in line will appear. The pop-up menu can also be accessed by long-pressing the space bar and selecting your chosen language.

You may remove a language from the list if you are no longer using it:

  • The “Change keyboard” menu can be accessed by long-pressing the space bar.
  • Click the “Language settings” option.

Tap the left edge of the screen to remove the language you no longer need.

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