September 27, 2022
How to Write Your Ad So That It Sells

How to Write Your Ad So That It Sells

How to Write Your Ad So That It Sells
How to Write Your Ad So That It Sells


A perfect guide for How to write ad that sells so, you have to understand that people buy ONLY for benefits.

Unless you have facts and features to support those benefits, benefits generally sound hollow. Consider all the supporting elements that contribute to the credibility of the benefits.

AD must weave your story together that presents benefits and features in manner that audience hears everything you say.

To help you weave that story, you need to use “connectives” that move your prospect from one thought to the next. For example, the use of connecting words like “that means,” “plus,” “and,” “you may wonder,” etc.

Last but not least, you should include a “CTA” (call to action). Then, tell them what they need to do to obtain your product or service if you make them excited about it.

For this reason, you want to do all this because if you have a written sales message that works, it will work every day. It is perfectly possible to write a sales message at 2 a.m. and still accomplish the task of selling.

Please do not shy away from a long-winded statement. Let me explain. People do not necessarily care what you think about them. They want to know more about you. Ultimately, they want to decide to buy from you.

Make sure you incorporate these ideas into your ads, blogs, web pages, direct mail, and so forth. Your ads, blogs, web pages, and direct mail will benefit from this.

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It is possible to be a lazy marketer in two different ways.

A way to do this is to use a short copy that doesn’t say much and hope when they put everything together; they see a reason to buy whatever it is you’re offering. The problem with this approach is that it will lead to nothing.

Another easy way to become a “lazy marketer” is to craft a complete SELLING STORY. Although you’ll need to do some work to prepare such a letter or sales message that does an entire job of selling, once you’re done, you can “cut and paste” the thing with just two clicks.
Keep in mind people will not be interested in the long-winded “sales pitch” that you are offering…but the bottom line is, you are not trying to market to “people,” are you?

As a result, you are directing all of your marketing efforts at “PROSPECTS” instead. In addition to that, “prospects” are always hungry for information, and so they will read ANY AMOUNT of advertising copy if they find it interesting and valuable. For example, you’re still reading this message, so it might be safe to assume that you are a “prospect” for my writing services.

The chances are they aren’t a real “prospect,” so they aren’t going to read anything you have to say, so screw them. My sales letter is a 26 paragraph letter that I send to new business connections. Because I am lazy, this new connection threw a fit when I pasted this message on a congratulations message. The man stated, “I am not impressed.”. However, he did count the document’s paragraphs, so that proves he read it.

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