Top 7 Views on Technology in Today’s Life

Top 7 Views on Technology in Today's Life

Society cannot exist without technology – it is inescapable. Technology affects people differently, even though it is so familiar to everyone. Technological advancement is seen positively by some but negatively by others. Due to this, businesses and organizations should ensure the technologies they use and when they use them align with the needs of their consumers. Read to know the Top 7 Views on Technology in Today’s Life.

Top 7 Views on Technology in Today's Life
Top 7 Views on Technology in Today’s Life

The following thoughts most consumers have about using technology are summarized. Rockbridge Associates, Inc. conducted and analyzed the research for these statistics. According to the survey, consumers are asked about their feelings about technology and how their lives are impacted by it.

Here are the Top 7 Views on Technology in Today’s Life

1. The use of technology distracts people in a harmful way.

It is undoubtedly true that technology can be helpful for everyday tasks, but 55% of consumers believe that too much technology isn’t ideal. Although technology is undoubtedly helpful, integrating it more often when it isn’t necessary could create difficulties. Use technology only to enhance the consumer’s experience and not as a necessity.

2. Technologies reduce personal interactions, which reduces the quality of relationships.

Despite the ease of connecting with those who are far away, technology has harmed some of the relationships among those who are closer. If you’re out with someone and see that they’re on their phone or social media the entire time, how frequently has that happened to you? Almost half (57%) of consumers believe that technology is causing a decline in relationship quality by reducing personal connections. To maintain a strong relationship with your customers, businesses or organizations need to interact with them in person frequently.

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3. People can think less independently when they rely on technology.

A survey by the NTRS finds that 57% of consumers think people think less for themselves because they rely on technology so much. Smart speakers and home assistants provide consumers with immediate answers to their questions using technology.

4. Technology has made my personal life more productive.

59% of consumers feel that technology has increased their productivity in their personal lives, as technology is designed to make things more efficient. Thanks to technology, consumers can stay connected and search for information more quickly than ever before, which is why they feel more accomplished throughout the day due to technology.

5. Technology is fun when you use it.

Using technology has numerous benefits, many of which are discussed in this article; however, 60% of consumers also enjoy using the latest technology for one reason: because it is fun. In addition to all the practical advantages, the introduction of new technological advances also brings a sense of excitement to consumers who find out all the new advantages they have to offer.

6. Technology gives people more control over their daily lives.

People keep track of different aspects of their lives using a wide range of technologies as technology advances. You can control the temperature of your house from across the country, you can begin starting your car from inside the grocery store, and you can track your fitness on your phone. As a result of their ability to monitor every aspect of their lives, six out of ten consumers (60%) feel that they have more control over their lives.

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