September 28, 2022
What Are SEO Service, Ethical SEO, and Competitor Monitoring

What Are SEO Service, Ethical SEO, and Competitor Monitoring

An SEO program initiated by a company, whether conducted in-house or outsourced, should be focused on the website (and rightfully so) as the major focus. One aspect of SEO is under the control of the company once its website goes live. It will have to assess how it performs against all the other websites out there, regardless of whether those other sites use ethical SEO techniques. Learn What Are SEO Service, Ethical SEO, and Competitor Monitoring.

In addition to changes made to the company’s website, very often, the assumption is that neither the company nor its SEO service can affect the search engine results. Unfortunately, this does not always hold true. 

Principal Competitors

Let us first define what we mean by competitors. It is almost certain that almost every company sees at least a few competitors as primary competitors–those that sell the same products or provide similar services or those of a similar size. Whether these competitors use ethical SEO techniques or not, it is important to monitor their SEO efforts of Best SEO Company in Mumbai on a regular basis, whether they are using ethical SEO techniques or not. 

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Your Online Competitors

It’s important to remember that searchers are unlikely to make decisions based only on your listing and those of your main competitors. If any company shows up for their search term, they are going to consider it if it matches their specific needs. For this reason, you should broaden your criterion for deciding who your online competitors are and include any company offering similar products or services that outranks you for any of the keywords you target.


Now we reach the heart of the ethical SEO issue. Most companies are still learning the basics of SEO. There are many ways a company can make mistakes in this arena, and a company can either choose the wrong SEO service or try to cut costs by bringing the process in-house with qualified but inexperienced internal team members. 

Bad Companies

Otherwise and established companies had hired an SEO service and ended up worse off than before they hired the service by getting their site taken down from major search engines due to violating the terms of service of the engine. 

Internal Resources

A company’s IT department is often overburdened because most firms attempt to do their own SEO rather than hire a service. When searching for SEO with a strictly technical perspective, the strategies employed, such as the keyword targets, may not be in alignment with the marketing or sales department’s goals. 


For any of your desired search terms, a comprehensive SEO agency will monitor not only the handful of competitors you deem important but also the other sites that appear above you. SEO services and webmasters who use tactics prohibited by search engine terms of service may find this somewhat controversial. While many white hat SEO companies consider it their duty to monitor the sites of any competitors found on the search engines to ensure they are using ethical SEO techniques, others consider it a responsibility they owe their clients.


Often, your interests are at odds with those of your competition. It is very likely that a website that does not use ethical SEO will be removed when reported to Google. So, at least for now, you don’t need to worry about one online company anymore.

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