September 28, 2022
What are the Top 10 Email Marketing Mistakes

What are the Top 10 Email Marketing Mistakes

It is common for online businesses to create email lists and send emails to those lists. The following document explains the mistakes that many people make from the perspective of someone who will receive the emails. Avoid these pitfalls if you want to turn your email list into a profitable one. Here’s What are the Top 10 Email Marketing Mistakes.

What are the Top 10 Email Marketing Mistakes
What are the Top 10 Email Marketing Mistakes

1. Include an unsubscribe link in each email you send

What’s wrong with that? Since subscribers cannot modify their email addresses if they wish to? That’s a lot of asking of someone who unsubscribes with one email address, then goes to your site and resubscribes with another. It is best if you have a “Manage your subscription” link that allows them to unsubscribe and change their email addresses, and change which lists they are subscribed to. 

2. Overly requesting information during signup

An email address is all you need. The first name may be important to personalize their email, but it is perfectly acceptable to leave it out. The postal address, last name, and phone number should not be required. Signups will decrease by at least 80% if you require a phone number. You should also not require stupid fields, such as titles (Mr., Mrs., Ms.) or Birthdays. 

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3. Complicated unsubscription processes

Consider The Venetian once more. You can unsubscribe from their emails by clicking on the unsubscribe link. You must enter your email address to unsubscribe. It’s hard to remember which of my 12 email addresses I used (I have 12). How do I proceed? Using my email program, I have placed them in my Spam folder so I can delete them. 

4. Don’t unsubscribe when someone requests it

You will be on their email list for life if you sign up for their emails. Even after unsubscribing five times, they continue to send me emails. As a result, I keep reporting them for spam. I continue to receive them in my inbox because they are so large, and few people are reporting them. ProFlowers is an absolute nightmare now, and I will never buy anything from them again.

5. Ill-informed people are receiving my bouquets 

Is everyone automatically subscribed? Would you consider sending people a “free report” that says they will be subscribed to a newsletter but does not mention that on the signup form? You may be considered a spammer if you send these people endless emails.

6. Overuse of email

I once subscribed to an email. A week or so ago, I received at least one and sometimes two emails a day, so it must have been a test. The subscription has been terminated. It’s been over a year since I subscribed again, and now I receive them once a week. During an experiment to see what would happen if I sent a lot of emails, I sent many emails. They lost me for a year. 

7. Not enough email communication

If I sign up in January but don’t receive an email newsletter until May, I am probably unaware of my subscription. It is spam, and I’ve reported you for it.

9. Lots of coupons and deals

It contradicts what I said previously. It would help if you didn’t have too many expectations regarding discounts with this one. Here’s an example. At one of my former employers, they started sending out emails. Each newsletter included one week’s worth of 10% off coupons. What happened when the newsletters were sent weekly? Sale declined for the three weeks for which a coupon code was not available. After that, we would get bombarded with emails with discounts. 

10. Email confirmation not sent

It is difficult to confirm that I subscribed correctly when I joined an email list. There are way too many broken scripts online. Send a confirmation email when people have successfully subscribed. Describe on the Success page that they will receive a confirmation email. If they don’t get one, you might already be in their spam filter, so you can be allowed if you don’t. Describe how you can be allowed.


Your customers will respond more positively if these mistakes are fixed. You will increase subscriptions, decrease unsubscribes, and have a better email relationship by fixing these problems. 

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